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We Introduce Ourselves – Salzgitter Kesselservice GmbH

Improving the efficiency and availability of our customers’ systems is our top priority. This starts with short delivery times for our systems and products and continues with consulting and optimizing existing systems.

With over 25 years of practical experience in the field of boiler cleaning and boiler technology, we not only supply all common systems such as soot blowers, water lance blowers, spray cleaning systems, knocking devices, and ball showers, but also provide the appropriate advice for optimal use.

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Overview of Our Cleaning Systems and Processes

Salzgitter Boiler Service provides you with complete boiler surface cleaning for your boiler.

Product Overview
Kreislaufartige Darstellung der Produkte von Salzgitter Kesselservice

Our Products:

Soot Blowers

Shot Cleaning System

Shower Cleaning SCS

Rapping Devices

Wasserlanzenbläser rot

Water Lance Blower

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